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Data Collection Cycle

Data Collection Cycle

Oregon Department of Education Collection Cycle

The ODE follows an annual cycle for the current year and following year.

Current Year

  1. ODE IT rolls the collection year sometime in early August which moves SSID to the current school year
  2. ODE IT begins the year with an in-person Data Collection Committee meeting in August
  3. As collections get close to open dates, ODE IT moves the file formats to our production environment, both in the ODE system and on the district site
  4. During a collection year any requested changes to a collection go through an approval process
    1. Data Owner submits a collection change request to IT
    2. IT Directors and Business Analysts decide whether the change will have adverse effects on districts, and if they deem the change to have little impact on districts the move to additional approvals
    3. IT Change Review Board reviews the request and either approves or rejects the change request (if approved)
    4. IT Director submits the change request to the ODE Data Governance Committee for review and approval (if approved)
    5. IT Director files the change request and notifies the Data Collection Committee of the change

Next Year

ODE IT begins gathering change requests in early November, and closes the change request window in early December

  1. ODE IT reviews change requests and dates for the upcoming year - works with data owners on any questions or concerns
  2. IT Director brings to the IT Change Review Board for approval after Business Analysts and Developers have reviewed
  3. IT Director submits to the Data Governance Committee for a first read, and then two weeks later for approval (this may require some back and forth questions and answers between the first read and approval)
  4. IT Director completes schedule of due dates spreadsheet and along with data owners, presents changes to the Data Collection Committee in February
  5. IT Director posts draft file formats in March or April, depending on the complexity of the changes. Final formats can be posted as early as April, and as late as June depending on the year.

District Data Submitter Cycle

  • Current Year

    Need Info from data submitters

  • Next Year

    Need Info from data submitters