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This area serves as a single repository for all file formats used by the Consolidated Collections application for data exchange with the Oregon Department of Education.

Acronyms Used: Data Collection Committee (DCC), Oregon Department of Education (ODE), Information Technology (IT)

Under the Production section of this page the file formats represent the current behavior of the ODE production environment. These file formats do NOT represent planned changes to the collections. The DCC draft and final documents for planned changes are availabe in the DCC Final By Year or the DCC Draft By Year sections.

The ODE Production environment does not always get updated until right before the collection opens, meaning that if a file format has changes underway users will find the file format in the DCC Final by Year section.

Under the DCC Final By Year you will find file formats with the specific changes by year. These formats will move to the Production section once the changes have been made in the ODE production environment for that collection year.

Under the DCC Draft By Year you will find file formats that are in draft format for a future collection year. These formats can be fluid during the time ODE IT is working with ODE Data Owners and DCC to finalize file formats. This area is for change information only.  At times even final formats will remain here if the current year is still posted in the "final by year".

ODE Encoding Standards (characters)



DCC Final by Year

DCC Draft by Year


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