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District Site Navigation

District Site Navigation

District Site Homepage

The district homepage has two ways to navigate to different pages. One, the dropdown menu at the top, or the pictures shown toward the top of the page. The dropdown menu has more selections than the picture navigation feature. We suggest you first use the dropdown menu to familiarize yourself with the various pages.

  • The Schedule of Due Dates feed shown on the middle, right side of the homepage is a direct feed from the Schedule of Due Dates application and is sorted based on close dates.
  • The list of application buttons on the right are the most popular applications used by district data submitters. Public applications require no login (DSA Lookup, Collection Catalog, CTE Approved Programs, At-A-Glance & Details Sheets, ODE's public website, Secure File Transfer, and Institutions Lookup). To navigate to non-public, or secured applications that you have access to click on Central Login Application.
  • On the bottom left of the district homepage is a Daily Events calendar which shows the currently open collections, validations. Plus if there are any training events or other events of note for the day, those will also be listed.
  • Next to the Daily Events is the District News section which only lists collection news, or time sensitive news that may interest data submitters or IT managers.

Collections, Reviews and Validation Homepages

The collection homepage shows a left navigation panel, a grid that includes links and information on individual collections, and buttons to review collections by data owner or collection groupings.

  • The grid allows users to search, sort, filter and export the list of collections. It also shows the Open, Close, Final Data Date, Eligible Use Date and Contact person.
  • By Clicking on the + in the grid expands the contact information including email and phone number
  • Grouped collections shows the various groupings and provides a link to each collection group page
  • By Data Owner just groups collections under those ODE individuals that are responsible for the collection(s)

File Formats Page

All collections file formats are shared on this page. No file formats are shared on any other page of the district site. Each respective grid can be expanded by changing the “show" number of items per page (default is 10). Each grid can be sorted or filtered and you can export the grid content (this does not export the files with the grid).

Application Homepage

The application homepage can be used to find the list of common applications used by district and ESD staff. The grid of applications includes the application name and a brief description of the application, as well as who to contact if you have any questions about the application. If you don't see specific applications when you login to Central Login that you believe you should have access to, contact your district security administrator.

You can click on an application from the grid and get to the page specific to that application - you can also navigate to these via the left side panel. Each application page includes “links" and a document grid that usually contains a user manual and other essential documents associated with that application.

Data Privacy & Security

The data privacy and security homepage includes links to ODE and National policies, standards and a link to the “secure file transfer" application.

You can navigate to the other pages associated with this homepage by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or the left side panel.

The Data Privacy page includes important privacy and security laws - Oregon specific and Federal laws.  It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with these laws so that you can make sure your colleagues understand their responsibilities under these laws.

The Student Data Privacy page is focused on FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), and includes information and links to assist you with understanding and educating others about FERPA. The U.S. Department of Education, Student Privacy Policy Office provides training, assistance and documentation through their Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). This team of highly trained individuals can answer questions you may have about FERPA. We encourage you to reach out to them whenever you need to: email Student Privacy Policy Office or call (855) 249-3072

The Privacy and Security Documents page is simply a page for us to provide you with various documents related to laws, policies or training.

Training Homepage

The homepage for training is a grid view of training that have been published for you to participate in. Some training sessions may require you to register, so pay close attention. The ODE staff that manage collections, validations and other items will place training sessions here in a timely manner. The grid view includes the links to register or participate, however cannot include any documents that may go along with the training sessions. Those may be placed on the collection, validation or other page for you to download. This isn't something that ODE can change, this is how this particular view is managed by NIC Oregon, the vendor used for the SharePoint site.

The calendar view is just a view and cannot include links or documents. By clicking on the “List" view at the top of this page you can scroll through each day.

The previous training page can include links to training videos and documentation. This is managed by the ODE staff that provided the training. The videos and documents are placed on the individual collection or validation page and then linked to this grid.