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How to search grids

The SharePoint platform being used limits how documents and other content are posted on the site. This can be tricky to navigate at times. This page shows simple ways to search for the content, or filter content in grids for ease of navigation and finding what you are looking for.

Document Grid Search

The document grid search is helpful when all the documents in the grid have like text or tags to assist users in finding the content they seek.

The district site development has guidelines in content naming conventions to better assist our users.

The example below shows the "Documents" section of the DCC page. The columns will assist users with searching, sorting and filtering the content.

Document Grid Search

To search for a specific group of documents to find the "one" you want, use the naming standards to assist you.  For example, on the DCC page document grid if I am looking for a specific agenda there are quick ways to find all the agendas.

Using the "search" feature I can type in a keyword to find a document.

Example: to find all the documents with agenda in the title or name I can just type in agenda, and hit return on my keyboard. As you can see this returns all the documents with agenda in the title or name.
Search for Agenda Documents

Document Grid Filter

Clicking on the Filter feature allows you to filter by Title, SchoolYear, or Modified date.

The SchoolYear filter can be very useful because all documents are associated to a specific school year in this grid.

This feature also allows you to choose additional filter criteria

New Exact Filter 

Filtering Grid  


Choosing a filter selection will return the information that correlates to your filter, and shows your filter at the top - see the blue highlighted filter. You can cancel filters easily by clicking on the X on your filter selection.

Filter Highlighted  

Document Grid Sort

Grid Sort 


Clicking on the Grid Headers will do a quick sort of the documents.

Or Click on the Sort feature to choose what to sort on.