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District Site Governance

This page is dedicated to giving users information about how the district site is governed. ODE is committed to making our district site as useful as possible for our district users and therefore governance standards are important to maintain that commitment.


Governance Team ODE Data Owners

  • Jackie McKim
  • Jon Wiens
  • Cynthia Garton
  • Cindy Barrick

Governance Team ODE IT Staff

  • Larry Lulay
  • Sandee Hawkins
  • Stu Mayberry
  • Corrina Fisher
  • John Day
  • Randy James

Governance Team District Staff

  • Jennifer Grisham (Ashland SD)
  • Karen Brown Smith (IMESD)
  • If you are interested in joining the governance team, please fill out this form

Goals & Objectives

Provide users a simple site for consuming information they need.

  • Maintain a consistent look across all pages
  • Content relevance defined
    • Limit content to 3 years
    • Remove or replace content when changes occur
  • Spell out acronyms and define specific content within a data collection / application. With high staff turnover at the district level, we want the site to give a user a basic understanding of the content available. A new user should be able to understand the content without prior knowledge/training. 

Goals & Objectives

Content standards and Lifecycle

  • Content older than 3 years will be removed
  • File formats are located on the file format page ONLY
  • Set & maintain standards and best practices that are easily replicated
  • Develop accessible templates for User documentation. That way there is consistency with our instructions across data collections and applications. Will also give us the chance to refresh/archive outdated manuals.